Saturday, 14 August 2010

History and Meaning of the Rolling Stones logo

Lips and tongue symbol musical group The Rolling Stones are apparently already legendary. So famous symbol, to the point of a museum in London are willing to buy the original picture is worth more than 92 thousand U.S. dollars (around Rp840 million). Victoria Broakes of the V & A put the sign "could be the most famous rock logo."
This logo was originally designed for the Rolling Stones as a record label in 1971 and was first used on the album titled "Sticky Fingers". Mick Jagger asked him to draw a symbol of the Hindu god of the River Goddess. But because payments are payable then the sketch was drawn by Pasche went on the lips (lip Dower inspired by Mick Jagger). This logo has a meaning of a mix between a young spirit, passion, freshness and anti-establishment and war provocation.
BBC reports, the picture was designed in 1970 and is still used by the Rolling Stones.

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  1. I think it's the most famous rock logo. I listen to this band. they rock!