Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Aerosmith drummer challenges fans to “Hit Hard” competition

Rock solid rhythms of Aerosmith's legendary drummer, Joey Kramer is unbeatable. However now iPhone users can challenge their drumming skills on Kramer’s recently launched iPhone application “Hit Hard”. This move has come after celebrity Services Company Paid Inc. collaborated with Kramer to challenge iPhone fans drumming skills with a new application.
According to Keith Garde, President of Paid Inc. Boston, Aerosmith and Joey Kramer have always been about connecting with their fans in the most cutting-edge ways and this new application is another step in that direction. It consistently continues to support the band in reaching their fans in whatever platform, technologies and methods they are using.
The application also has a different feature for those users who do not want to compete with Kramer’s beat. These users can create their own beats in a freestyle play. Each level in the game has a mock lesson where users can tap the correct sequence to match his beat. Players who will be able to finish all the levels of the game can enter the high score contest for a chance to win a prize from Kramer.
According to Garde, though the application is currently available only for the iPhone and iPod touch, the company is looking forward to expand it into other smartphone platforms.

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