Sunday, 15 August 2010

In Todays Aerosmith Soap Opera, Steven Tyler Returns

Steven Tyler is back with Aerosmith, at least for two shows.

The band has confirmed that they will play, with Tyler, at the Download Festival on June 13.
In a statement for Download, Tyler confirmed his presence saying "In the early days of Aerosmith we were infected with the vibe coming out of the UK with The Yardbirds, Blues Breakers, Pretty Things and the Stones, and we wanted what they had bad. So baby, we¹re coming home. Rock & Roll can be pure sex and we can¹t wait to Download..."

Drummer Joey Krammer also confirmed the reunion via Twitter. “Aerosmith is back,” he wrote.
The sudden disintegration of Aerosmith was indeed bizarre. Tyler fell off stage last October in Hawaii and from then the band has been a continuous soap opera.
Tyler said in an interview soon after that he had left the band saying he was working on “Brand Tyler”.

Then Aerosmith announced they would continue without him and get a new lead singer.
Just recently on January 20, 2010 Joe Perry announced that the band was about to hold auditions for Tyler’s job.
As well as Download, Aerosmith with Tyler will perform at the Sweden Rock Festival on June 10.

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