Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Aerosmith axman on edge ‘Idol’ rumors

Aerosmith rock 'n' roll partner axman Joe Perry put the blast on yesterday for learning about frontman Steven Tyler’s alleged “American Idol” gig on the Web.
“I found out on the Internet like the rest of the world,” said the guitarist when we reached him at the band’s tour stop in Dallas yesterday about “Idol” rumors about Steven.
“Afterparty Aerosmith at Studio 54 after the Vegas show which none of us in the band knew anything about and he said some stuff there. I mean, this is no small thing.”
Tyler, 40 years who has worked with Perry, told reporters on his way into the post show bash in Sin City that his future plans included “recording an album and (I’m) likely going to be a judge on ‘American Idol.’ ”
He also said, “I’m doing it. What do you think? I’m doing it.”
For the record, the “American Idol” producers haven’t confirmed the group of new judges that will replace Ellen DeGeneres and “Idol” major domo Simon Cowell. An announcement is expected in mid September, the Fox TV suits told critics the other day.
Perry said in his dressing room he conformed Steven before the band’s show at the MGM Grand Saturday night about the “American Idol” buzz. Tyler said he was instructed not to discuss it, said Perry.
“I mean, after working with me for 40 years, he couldn’t tell me about this,” the axman told the Track. “Why so secretive? We’re told it’s a done deal. If Steven is committed to a TV show, that kind of affects the rest of us. We’d like to plan our lives, ya know?”
After the not so heated convo backstage, Perry said, as usual, the band “pulled out all the stops” and gave the fans “what they have come to expect from us.”
And that’s exactly what Aerosmith plans to do on Aug. 14, when the Boston Bad Boys rock Fenway Park (map) with the J. Geils Band as their opening act.
“It will be epic and unforgettable - at least for me,” laughed Joe. “I can’t wait to hear J. Geils.”
In current years, Tyler, who has battled injuries and pill addiction, has become estranged from the band and has gone so far as to hire his own manager as well as his own publicist.
When Steven the tipping point came last summer, who was Livin’ on the Edge with a variety of pain medications, fell off the stage during a concert at a motorcycle rally in Sturgis, S.D., breaking his shoulder.
Tyler’s tumble forced the band to cancel its 2009 tour and Aerosmith nearly fell to pieces over the next few months the rest of the band vowed to go “on strike” - until Steven got sober.
Before entering rehab for a prescription addiction at Christmastime, Steven announced he wanted to take a two year hiatus from the band and work on “Brand Tyler.” The rest of the band Perry, Tom Hamilton, Joey Kramer and Brad Whitford fired back by threatening to replace the frontman with a new singer.
In February, the Bad Boys and their various reps had a high powered powwow at an undisclosed location and decided to get Back in the Saddle. The Fenway Park gig was announced, a month later.

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