Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Aerosmith concert in Lima, Peru draws 30 thousand fans

In their first concert appearance in Peru, Aerosmith played in front of more than 30 thousand in the capital city of Lima on Saturday, May 22.
"Buenas noches, mi gente del Peru," lead singer Steve Tyler saluted the crowd in Peru, reported local media.
Aerosmith began with "Eat the Rich" and played 16 songs, including an encore of "Crazy," "Walk this Way," and the cover "Train Kept a-Rollin'" (see complete set list.) During the song "Cryin'" Tyler put on a chullo, the traditional knit Peruvian hat, to screams of approval of the crowd.
"Dressed in a shiny suit, animal-striped hat, golden pants and black shades, [Steven Tyler] came on stage dancing without abandon, making serpentine and robotic movements with his slight body, and with a voice capable of breaking any glass in his way," writes Daniel Meza, author of the Aerosmith en Lima blog.
The band arrived to Lima on Friday after concerts in Colombia and Venezuela, and stayed at Lima's Marriott hotel. According to local press, Areosmith ate classic Peruvian dishes like ceviche and lomo saltado at the restaurant Huaca Pucllana -- although Steven Tyler reportedly stayed in the hotel.
Aerosmith plays in Chile on Tuesday, gives two concerts in Brazil -- Porto Alegre and Sao Paulo -- and ends their tour of Latin America in Costa Rica. They start their European tour on June 10 in Sweden.

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