Saturday, 25 September 2010

System Of A Down Rise Again in 2010

Good News for the Fans System of a Down, the band consisted of (Serj Tankian - lead singer and keyboardist, Daron Malakian - guitar and vocals, Shavo Odadjian - basist, John Dolmayan - drums), he will go to the stage again for another rock concert

After vacuum for three years, the rock band from Los Angeles, United States, System of a Down (SOAD), ready to pound the rock world stage again.
The band with the hits 'Toxicity' is reportedly going to the reunion in 2010.

SOAD chose vacuum after releasing a double album, Mesmerize and Hypnotize.
When was the bassist, Shavo Odadjia said, did they have time to break for a while after 10 years together.

During SOAD vacuum, reunion news pushed several times.
The news is increasingly hard blows when the third band, the gig at the fundraising event for the bass player Deftones, Chi Cheng, who is being treated in hospital.

On January 11, 2010 and then, via Twitter account, Odadjia, as news of the reunion was confirmed.
"Are you guys ready with System of a Down ???," so write Odadjia.

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