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Sweet Memories of Greatness Mettalica Bassist: Cliff Burton

Clifford Lee "Cliff" Burton (born February 10, 1962. Died
In February it was over the end but could not hurt us to discuss one of the artist who was born in that month (February Man). This time it will discuss one of the famous bass player in the world that success with the American thrash metal band called Metallica, which he also discovered a new skill in playing bass with the use of distortion and bass effects that are typically used for musical instruments other than bass. He is Cliff Burton.
Cliff Lee Burton or known by the name of Cliff Burton was born on February 10, 1962 in the city of Alameda County, California. Cliff grew up in San Francisco Bay Area. He began to familiar and interested in music when his father introduced the Cliff by isntrumen classical music that made him start to learn to play piano.
When Cliff teenager he became interested in different kinds of music ie Rock, Classical, and especially the flow of Heavy Metal. Cliff started playing and practicing the bass at the age of 13 years. At Cliff lost his brother, he told his parents that he wanted to be the best bass player for his brother. Maybe it is a motivation, Cliff bass practice 6 hours a day. Practice the start of the game flow bass Jazz, Classical, Southern Rock, Country and Blues.

Cliff Lee Burton began playing the band at school in Castro Valley High School. His first band called EZ-Street, a name derived from a Bay Area bar area. Incorporated in this band are the students who would become famous musicians, they are guitarist Faith No More "Big" Jim Martin and drummer Mike Bordin Ozzy Osbourne. Band two is Agents of Misfortune, the band has ever recorded music contest called Battle of the Bands, held in 1981. At the Battle of the Bands is shown special ability in playing bass Cliff Burton, his ability is most apparent when he played 2 pieces in a solo song titled Metallica (Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth and For Whom the Bell Tolls (intro).

In 1982 Cliff joined the band Trauma, in this band Cliff began to enter the major labels. At the time of trauma to Los Angeles to perform at the Whisky a Go Go show that brought the fate of Cliff Lee Burton changed. James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich of Metallica is the founders turned out to see Cliff appeared on stage together Trauma at the event. They are very interested in the capabilities and performance of Cliff on the stage, even Hetfield very impressed with Cliff until he praised the "remarkable shredding capabilities."When Hetfield and Ulrich to know that Cliff no longer have a band or a solo bass player, they decided to recruit him into the band Metallica to replace bassist lawasnya who have come out Ron McGovney. But big names do not necessarily make Metallica live Cliff joined the demonstration, Cliff asked specifically that he will join Metallica Metallica IF homebasenya move from Los Angeles to San Francisco Bay Area. Because so interested Metallica with Cliff, they immediately move their home base of Los Angeles to El Cerrito is located not far from where the requested Cliff.

Cliff Burton's first recording with Metallica started in demo album titled Megaforce Demo is deliberately made as a welcome greeting for Cliff. Finally introduce the REAL Metallica Cliff Burton in the album Kill 'Em All a game in which there is a bass solo from Cliff plays (Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth in which she uses to pedal effect which effect is usually used in guitar 6 strings alone, and therefore can Cliff aligned with Geezer Butler of Black Sabbath and the ultra-progressive wing bassist named Chris Squire. At Cliff's second album together titled Metallica Ride the Lightning. On this second album Cliff ability as a songwriter started out, six-title song from the 8 songs contained in the album is the result of creation of Cliff Burton. Then Master of Puppets is Metallica's third album with Cliff, this is Metallica dialbum known as stream music called Thrash Metal. On this album, and Metallica's Cliff is increasingly recognized around the world.

Master of Puppets is a favorite album and also Cliff Burton was Metallica's last album together. Currently touring Europe to promote the album, the band complained about a bus that used them very uncomfortable. September 26, 1986 after Cliff won playing cards with Kirk Hammett, he promptly fell asleep. And finally 7 minutes at midnight before the turn of the day the bus they were riding was a great accident. The location of the accident contained in the E4, 2 miles before the town of Ljungby, Sweden. According to the testimony of the bus driver who survived the incident, the bus trip slip for one of the streets where the bus there were chunks of ice that caused the bus was shaky and skidded into a grassy ground alongside a road. In the body of the bus accident Cliff was thrown out the window and his body crushed by a bus agency, at the time Cliff was not dead but at the time of the bus body began to be appointed for Cliff's body could be evacuated and bus bodies apart eventually went back upon the body which caused his death Cliff.
Cliff's death is full of mystery. Many are blaming the bus driver as the cause of the accident that resulted in the death of Cliff. ames Hetfield said that the accident occurred because the driver was drunk, because he smelled the odor of alcohol coming out of the mouth of the post-accident drivers and Hetfield did not find a chunk of ice as he walked back to the road. Even the locals say that when the accident road conditions are very dry and the temperature was around 2 "Celsius. Even to this day no one has made suspects in the incident.

Death indeed is God's plan that will not be avoided by humans. Cliff Lee Burton's body was cremated and the ashes were finally buried in the cemetery Maxwell Ranch. At his funeral, a song titled Cliff creation Orion dipedengarkan and contained one of lyrics in the song that says "Can not the Kingdom of Salvation take me home" written on his tombstone. Many bands were mourning the death of Cliff, the band Megadeth was creating a song called In My Darkest Hour, which was written directly by leadernya Dave Mustaine who was a former personnel Metallica. Dave Mustaine was a close friend Cliff when he was still in Metallica, he received the news of death of Hetfield and Ulrich Cliff before he saw the news a few days later. Anthrax Band was specifically dedicated one of his songs on the album Among the Living.

Whether related or not, two in the Black Album Metallica song called The Unforgiven and Nothing Else Matters such as describing a very big sense of loss for Metallica to Cliff Burton. But if the song is played very clearly felt that Metallica feel guilty for the incident (The Unforgiven) and feel that they really miss Cliff and Cliff's position will not be replaced in their hearts (Nothing Else Matters).

World miss Cliff Burton for his death. On October 3, 2006 a memorial monument was established at the place where the accident occurred. A monument with a picture of Cliff's face with the same inscription found in his tomb tombstone. 4 April 2009 written on behalf of Cliff Burton Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, at the time attended by members of the band Metallica and Cliff both parents. It was then that the world recognize and pinned Cliff Lee Burton as a bass player and the greatest and the best musicians in the history of world music just as Cliff aspired to in his childhood.

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