Tuesday, 21 September 2010

BUBI CHEN: Indonesian Original Jazz Musicians

Top jazz musicians in Indonesia was once also called an Asian version of the best jazz pianist of America's leading jazz magazine, Downbeat.Joachim Ernst Berendt, a German jazz critic, called the Art Tatum of Asia.
Since childhood, Bubi just love listening to the work of the gods to jazz like Art Tatum Artie Shaw and Benny Goodman. Musical talent from his father who seems to be declining violinist.He taught himself to play improvised solos imitating George Shearing and Art Tatum.Also do learn through correspondence from Wesco School of Music - New York under the guidance of renowned pianist Teddy Wilson.
Born in Surabaya, Indonesia February 9, 1938, Bubi Bubi Chen is often performed with the All Stars, accompanied by her two sons, Bowie, who plays conga and Chen Benny Chen, who plays drums.On stage, his fingers very good at playing on the fingerboard.  
Virtually every song Bubi exploring tone so very different songs and rich shades. 
In addition, the Bubi sometimes add shrill tone of voice resembling a vocal through a keyboardist who played.Presumably it was intentional instead of vowels, because he claimed can not sing.
In general, it is known to jazz fans fanatic, so they openly disagree when there is a jazz musician who plays a pop song for example.Consistency in jazz music is what they admire, as well as self-contained in the Bubi Chen. He is a consistent profile in jazz, though, the risks, "rather drown" as 'fate' jazzer jazzer-true.Still according to the Bubi, jazz does not always have to be upper class society of consumption.
Studied piano since the age of 3 (three) years, and intensively studied piano two years later at DeLucia, an Italian music teacher, piano lessons passed on by Joseph Bodmer from Switzerland. Bubi also studied classical piano until the age of 16 years Joseph. Still aged 15 years, Bubi has joined the band led by his older brother, Teddy Chen, playing jazz and ballroom dance music. Bubi very satisfied collaborate, join the group or make an album with his famous jazzer in various countries. Concert has been exploring the five continents. Invite comparative studies have repeatedly come from Japan, Australia and the United States. The annual prestigious jazz gig, JakJazz already become customers, since the first time, also North Sea Jazz Festival in the Netherlands.
n 1990, Bubi established virtuoso band, which as the name suggests, consists of persons skilled in the field / instrument respectively. After several changes of personnel, Bubi Chen now own members on the Keyboard, Totok Afiat on Bass, Benny Chen on Drums, Howie Chen on conga & percussion and Thya Anhar as female vocalist.
In 1989, Bubi Chen received an award from the Mayor of Surabaya as exemplary citizens.From his wife, Anne Chen, blessed with children Howie Bubi Chen, Benny Chen, Yana Chen (all men), and the youngest Serena Chen (women).
(Source: Java Artists Book Award, 2003)

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