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Learn About the PUNK

 Punk is not really a music or fashion that we know today. But the fact is atittude Punk / attitude that is born of nature rebellious, discontented heart, anger and hate, of these properties then the birth of Punk.Liver dissatisfaction and anger at something that oppresses especially action demonstrated and incorporated into the music and their clothing.
Punk is actually really hate the `street fashion ', the social, political and economic oppressive ²-objects and objects glamorous (for example, such groups artists, hippies and rock band).
Punk has a distinguished and formed a separate scene in the underground scene, all objects are created is through a concept (DIY) and this concept is a concept which emphasizes the values of friendship (Unite).The spirit of independence without expecting help from any party and also "self empowerment" and "anti-estabushment". 

Punk actually originated in America since the early 70s. But at that time music was not so popular because the American people can not accept this music as a whole because punk is so extreme and aggressive band category. Pioneers of the day (year 70-75an) such as The Ramones, Iggy Pop, Patti Smith, New York Dolls and the Modern Lovers.
After that in the mid 70s, the situation becomes very different in Britain since punk is received with widespread there at that time, the flow of this music became so famous due to the British people at that time was looking for media ² to them in an attempt to rebel (rebel) because of the economy in England is very serious and at the time of the revolution that was punk actually began.
Punk and Skinheads in England at that time were mostly teenagers working class. They rebelled because British economic and social system that oppresses.
The emergence of the Sex Pistols on when it also had brisk flow of this music so that Punk became very popular once they are so fit and appearance with the atmosphere at the time.
The band has become so controversial at all in England due to their courage and speak out against the kingdom. This is because the songs they bring lead to malignancy that is Facist, Riot, Chaos, Anarchy and anti-royal.

Legendary punk band & The First In UK
 Malcolm McLaren, was a boss boutiques in London and also a New York Dolls band manager who is looking for ideas to create a band that can spread anarchist ideas of his, so that in the end he met with Johnny Rotten, Glen Matlock, Steve Jones & Paul Cook and build the Sex Pistols in the UK. Sex Pistols was inaugurated in 1975 in England and Malcolm McLaren is the man responsible for building the band.
Punk band the Sex Pistols is the first in Britain and was also crowned as the world's legendary punk band. This is because their presence has graced more punk scene in England at that time. 
Also brought loud music with songs full of controversy and anti-royal. Their song which became controversial in Britain at that time was like the song 'Anarchy In The UK' and 'God Save The Queen' has been forbidden by the BBC @ Britain Broadcasting at the time.
Person responsible for releasing and creating the song 'Anarchy In The UK' and 'God Save The Queen' is actually the bassist Glen Matlock of this collection, and through this song the band Sex Pistols' reputation increased and become famous. But after that Glen Matlock out of the band because he wanted to build Iggy Pop & The Rich Kids, and he was replaced by Sid Vicious.
Sid's presence has made the band's popularity continues to soar up and be increased Rebellious. This is probably because due to the extreme nature of Sid's own aggressive and violent images in accordance with the Sex Pistols. Actually Sid also showed that violent actions and brash when on stage. For example, like spitting and urinating on stage that makes the British Education Minister at that time criticized and branded them as 'Agent Moral Collapse of Society'.
Sid is also a lot to change the image and appearance of this collection. This is because many say that Sid was the one who has introduced a Mohawk hair fashion. For example, when Sid first appear on British TV with this Mohawk haircut.And besides Sid, Vivien Westwood is Malcolm McLaren's wife has also introduced this Mohawk model and has been the trend until now.
Sex Pistols finally fell in 1978 due to the death of Sid kerana OD (Overdose Drugs). 
Even so, they are a legendary punk band. The appearance and their presence has become an idol and role model for a large group of  followers and punk bands to this day.
n the line-up Sex Pistols Sid's name into the title and not cracked from the lips of followers Punkers when compared to line up the other. This may be because of their more talented Sid Vicious. His appearance not only in terms of imejnya but also in its nature that could be considered as a Roll Model Sex Pistols.

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  1. Personally, I like The Clash. They're a little better than the Sex Pistols. Cuz, stupid Sid Vicious died at 22 from a heroin overdose. Too young to die, too stupid for drugs. He shouldn't have done drugs, alot of people liked him, I guess