Saturday, 31 July 2010

Werner Tauber - Musicals II (1995)

Orchester Werner Tauber

Musicals II



In february of this year I posted the album Musicals from 1993 by Werner Tauber and his Orchestra. Here is volume 2 from 1995.
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01. Take that look off your face (Song and dance) - Cha cha cha
vocal Babs
02. What I did for love (A chorus line) - Rumba
Vocal Linda Fields
03. I want to be seen with you tonight (Funny girl) - Foxtrot
vocal Babs and John Marshall
04. Send in the clowns (A little night music) - Slow waltz
vocal Babs
05. 42'nd Street (42'nd Street) - Quickstep
06. Chanson d'enfance (Aspects of love) - Viennese waltz
vocal Babs
07. Pusch ka pi shee pie (Five guys named Moe) - Merengue
Vocal Richard Kleinmaier
08. With one look (Sunset Boulevard) - Rumba
vocal Babs
09. Starlight express (Starlight express) - Slowfoxtrot
Vocal Linda Fields
10. Any dream will do (Joseph and the amazing technicolor dream coat) - Tango
11. Cornet man (Funny girl) - Blues
Vocal Linda Fields
12. Choo choo ch'boogie (Five guys named Moe) - Jive
Vocal Richard Kleinmaier
13. Eternal youth is worth a little suffering (Sunset Boulevard) - Samba
14. One night in Bangkok (Chess) - Disco fox
vocal John Marshall

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